how do i get inventor?

Hi, there was a thread somewhere saying that inventor was going to be distributed among st the various FRC teams through the net. Does anyone know any more about this? I’d like to get my hands on a copy!

**…**This year, they are donating Autodesk ® Inventor 11 Professional and the newly released Autodesk® 3ds Max 9 to teams. Each team will be able to download up to 10 single seats of Autodesk® Inventor 11 Professional and 5 single seats of Autodesk® 3ds Max 9. The newly developed website will launch in mid-November and will host these downloads. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!

I’m pretty sure a designated person from each team will receive a notice from FIRST/Autodesk when the site is up and running and downloading can begin.

Yea Im interested in getting a copy also.

You should receive your licenses along with the KOP in January.

If you are a college student looking to get to know Inventor, but not pay for it, check out You can register using your college email and get an educational license of almost any piece of Autodesk Software. I know at least Inventor 10 and 11 are on it, as well as AutoCAD. Keep in mind however, that this will imprint an educational watermark on anything you do that cannot be removed, so it isn’t suitable to use for the inventor award, only for learning purposes.

You can get AutoCAD (non-student) 30 days free from there website.

The email from FIRST has been posted on CD. There will be web download links sent to the teams. With them will be license keys so that the teams can use it for the safety animation.

so does anyone know the site that this will be on? we had 3ds max 8 last year but through the chaos we went through and then this year we dont know who has it. and we all downloaded the trials but those are running out…we need this download and considering its mid november…does anyone know?

Hi folks,

We will be announcing a website with download instructions in the near future.

Looking forward to the season!

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