How do I get the automation direct oculus demo to work?


I downloaded the 2019 VR field simulation for oculus. I unzip the file and open it up but it just freezes on the first frame on the monitor and plays the music in the background. It doesn’t seem to be interfacing with the oculus at all. Has anyone else set this up? Any help is appreciated!


You need to set up Steam VR. It’s really simple just download steam then install and launch SteamVR there’s a button in the top right for it. Then just run the field exe while steam VR is running and it should work. Also make sure you have Oculus set up to accept outside games it’s in settings\general.


Thanks! I didn’t realize it was a steam game.


It was built on SteamVR to ensure compatibility with the maximum number of headsets … We added a note to the website here: