How do I get the encrypted competition manual?

I was wondering where I could find this so I dont have to deal with trying to download the manual as soon as the code is released. Any ideas? I have heard that this exists but I have never actually seen it.

I don’t think that they will release it until kickoff this year. According to, “2012 Game Manual to be released at Kickoff, January 7, 2012”.

It will be here, but it has not been released yet. It is usually released a few days before kick-off.

cool, I will just have to keep an eye out, It is so much easier if I dont have to wait.

Only if you remember the password :wink: lol i almost forgot it last year.

Bill’s Blog will have link to it when it comes out too. :stuck_out_tongue:

well the encrypted still only unlocks with the password given out at the end of kickoff you dont need a password to download the encrypted version do you?

Also this year they will have a new format of the manual you can check out the beta here:

No you don’t. Last year they put up a Manual that had no password after kick-off, so you didnt have to type in the password everytime you go looking for a rule :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re quick, taking a picture is a good way to save it.

Also, I highly recommend downloading the encrypted manual before kick-off. FIRST’s site usually gets a little overloaded in the first few hours after kick-off, making the manual download a bit of a pain.

To add on to the question: How can I get the exact 2012 manual before kickoff? And yes, I mean the whole manual, not the encrypted one… :wink:

Figure out the encryption key, then decrypt the encrypted manual. Yes, it is extremly hard to do, it is also cheating, asumming you acctually read/look at it before the encryption key is released.

Why do you say it’s cheating?
What rule has been broken?

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t do it. I love surprises on FIRSTmas

Well, considering you can’t read the rules, I’d say it’s hard to know for certain. :wink:

I see what you did there!

While I can tell the light nature of this discussion, it does contravene the ChiefDelphi forum rules:

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Now that we’ve hopefully put the brakes on that: Last year I pre-loaded the encrypted manual onto iBooks on my iPad. When the key was released, I typed it into a note and copied it using the iOS system copy-and-paste feature. I then could paste the key into each of the documents without having to type it fifty-dozen times.

The first password I’m going to attempt is “5892rockwellFIRSTparts” as that’s the number of total quantity from game hint 1.

It always helps to have the files beforehand. I remember one year I couldn’t get the manuals on game day until about 6 hours after it was released. Frustrating. It’s like trying to register for college classes at 6 in the morning.

The opening paragraphs of the rules (don’t actually have the rulebook so no quote, sorry) state that the build season is six weeks. By opening the rulebook beforehand you have extended the amount of time that you have to work on your robot. Even if you don’t build anything, you have thought about the game and how to solve the challenge.

If you’re going to argue that, then you should have the entirety of January 7th to look at the manual as part of the 6 weeks.

I commend you for reading the rules.

However, by your own statement, you have opened the rulebook beforehand and thus extended the six weeks (even if it’s only a portion of the rulebook).

Also, where does it say that the six weeks starts when you get the rulebook? (I personally have counted the time from kickoff to shipdate)

I just have never seen a rule that prohibits attempts at figuring out the encryption key. Again, I’d not do so, but thats because I WANT to be surprised on FIRSTmas (err…kickoff).

Getting off the complete tangent of cracking which we already shouldn’t be on.

Last year I helped host a manual that was downloaded a couple thousand times. I may consider doing that again but I need to decide if I want to spend the money hosting it because my host has changed from one with a flat fee for a flat amount of services to a one with a dynamic fee based on use (pay for everything basically).