How do I know if the Current limeting works on TalonFX?

Hi, I’m looking for a way to check whether the current limiting works.
I ran the motor and couldn’t tell the difference.

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You can check the log file in the driver station application to see how much current each PDP channel draws.

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Which current limit did you set - the stator or the input limit? If input, then @Jackflef’s solution works out. If you set the stator limit, then you will want to output the limits separately via SmartDashboard. You may also be able to make the motor sing via some new “Orchestra API” that absolutely must be investigated…

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The problem is that when I ran the motor in close loop with the limiting, the motor tremor and didn’t get to the wanted current.
And thank you for your reply

There are independent sticky faults for Supply and Stator Current limit. Self-Test in tuner to poll them quickly (without having to poll them via API). You can also clear them in Tuner, then retest to see if they set again.

Yeup. Examples below…


@ozrien can we get some videos of this in action please.

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I now officially love falcon 500s.

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@ozrien I tried this out yesterday. Is there any way to make it louder?

This device just makes it under the BOM limit :wink:

Volume is fixed for now (could be settable in the future).

The tones are louder if something is rigidly mounted to the rotor.

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