How do i nominate one for the Woodie Flowers award

This may be a stupid question of me not looking hard enough, but how do i go about nominating a mentor for the 04-05 season, if the deadline hasnt already passed


M. Hicken

The dealine isn’t until after the 6-week build period. Check the Rules section of the 2004 rules on the FIRST website for more information about how to nominate.

Excellent, glad that you are looking to nominating one of your mentors for the Woodie Flowers award! Last year, the WFA was moved to an all online system where students enter in thier essays, pictures, etc. Last year at each regional, a mentor was awarded with a WFA and all those winners went on to the Championships. Once again, the WFA’s will be submitted by students at the website and will be judged by “a panel of judges under direction of Dr. Murphy”. If you would like more information, contact Andy Baker or any of the other WFA winners.


are all the regional WFA decided apon by the national winners? or do all the WFA winners from all regionals judge…i am actully curious how this works

Well, I dont know who exactly judges the awards. The panel is under the direction of Dr. Murphy. Exact rules from last year’s process can be found here.

It is great that you want to enter someone for this award. Students should do this more, not just to get their mentor to win the award, but simply to show a mentor how much they appreciate the effort.

There are some good threads on this subject. Here is a recent one, and I had a post that explained the judging process, in this post.

My advice would be to start early. Get as much imput and help from other students and adults on your team. You don’t need to tell the nominated mentor about your plans. Also, get input from people on other teams who know your mentor.

Many nominators do not focus on pointing out how the nominated mentor communicates. That is what the award is about, so be sure to focus on your candidate’s communication skills.

Good luck,

Andy B.

thanks for the help guys, i am going to nominate him, but the problem is late in the season his gaurd unit went active, so this is going to be interesting

“thanks for the help guys, i am going to nominate him, but the problem is late in the season his guard unit went active, so this is going to be interesting”

The Woodie Flowers award is intended to be student driven. The selection of the candidate should be by the students, and the essay should be written by the students. To be sure, there can be mentor involvement in helping with the selection and proof reading etc. but the majority of work should be by the students.

Also, if your candidate is not going to be active this year, perhaps waiting another year until he returns to “active duty in FIRST” might be better.