How do I program with an Andymark AM-2314?

We are trying to use an AM-2314, but cannot find the API for it. Does anyone know where the API is, or at least how to implement the code for it?


Did you look for accelerometer, and gyro functions? I seem to recall those being in wpilib. There is not a 2314 lib

You might try contacting this person:

We have some Java source code available for the ITG-3200 using an I2C chip out at github that you are welcome to experiment with:

It might work with gyro portion of the AM-2134, but we have not tried it.

You would need both the and source files. The basic usage is described in the class javadoc (basically you create an instance and then use one of the getGryoX(), getGryoY or getGyroZ() methods for each axis you want to monitor).