How do I reset the IP of my 4 slot NI cRIO-FRC ii?

The above question is something that I have not been able to figure out, I know its software controlled but I have been searching and testing and have no idea how to get it working. Any possible solutions would be very welcome.

If you know what the current IP of the cRIO is, you can access the Silverlight based control panel which can change network settings.

Why do you want to change the IP of the cRIO? The easiest way is to use the imaging tool to change the team number. This will make sure it gets an IP address consistent with what all the tools expect.

The cRIO imaging tool told me that I needed to use the IP reset switch on my cRIO, so that is why I have been trying to do that.

Anyone find a solution to this? I’m having the same problem where the cRIO Imaging tool is telling me I need to use the ip reset switch. I think it’s an old message from the cRIO FRC I. The FRC II doesn’t appear to have the dip switches.

Push and hold the reset button during startup on the cRIO to get it into safe, mode. When you try to reimage the cRIO in safe mode, it’ll let you reformat the controller (different from reimage), which will clear the IP reset setting. After this, restart the cRIO, and reimage again.