how do I save information from printf?

I would like to save the information, to a file, from my printf statements.

I can see them on the IFI Loader terminal window but I don’t know how to save them.

What I want to do is do a capture-replay of the robot. I want to manually drive the robot in a pattern, capture the inputs to the motors, then replay that as a canned function for autonomous mode.

Couldn’t you highlight which ones you want and copy them into word, and then input them later?

You could close the IFI loader window and use a program like Hyperterminal, which is probably already installed, or another terminal program (I believe Kevin mentions one on his sit). Many of those programs have the ability to save the received data to a text file. In Hyperterminal the menu command is “Transfer->Capture Text file”

Thanks for the info. Looks like hyperterminal will work fine