How do I save/resore my Limelight settings

In the old days… I recall that there used to be a way to save a Limelight setup so you could use it to make a duplicate spare unit as a backup.

Now it’s not clear to me how to do this any more.

There doesn’t seem to be a settings backup button on the web UI like there used to be. And if I try the upload/download buttons at the top of the screen it’s not clear what I’m actually saving/loading. Is it the settings, or A pipeline, or All the pipelines and then how do I restore them?

I have one limelight that I uses for Target Detection, and one for Apriltags. Do the Apriltag settings appear a s a Pipeline.

Basically I’m confused and can’t find anything in the docs to lead me in the right direction.

How do others make backups of their limelights?

clicking the top left download button right after the custom pipeline name should download all of the settings for that pipeline! to use downloaded pipeline data just hit the upload button and select your desired downloaded configuration! yeah the april tags should be able to be downloaded as their own pipeline!

OK, when I click the download Icon, it looks like it’s doing something but there are never any files saved when I’m done. I’ve directed it to a folder I created for the purpose so I know where they should be.

I’ve tried it with, and without, a file extension. It’s as if it’s ignoring my path because it adds a (1) to the name if I try twice, but I don’t know where they are going…

I’m using the 2024 version of Limelight firmware.

The Download button is for saving pipelines on your laptop. It also offers an Open option.

This is what I see.

You can use a text editor to open a file and view what is saved and what isn’t. Pipelines are saved as .vpr files. See attached renamed to .txt to allow upload.
The name is stored under desc:;. The pipeline number isn’t saved which means you need to be on the same pipeline number when you want to use the Upload button.
Pipelines are saved and uploaded one at a time.

Weird. I never see that popup.

Just a regular windows save file dialog. What Limelight version/firmware are you using?

I have Windows 11 and am using the 2024 LimeLight firmware release.
If you have Windows 10, you can reset the save dialog.

Reset Open and Save As Dialog in Windows 10 (

I finally figured out my “Download” problem.

I tried saving again, and this time a saw a flash up by the Chrome Downloads icon, When I rolled over it to see my recent downloads I saw this warning message


I just needed to click the “Keep” button.

Not sure what security protocol was causing this but it was very annoying…,non-secure%20in%20the%20%E2%80%9C%20Search%20flags%20%E2%80%9D%20box.