how do i track colors?

does anyone have a samplel code. i’m not sure what to do. i’ve been playing around with the options but i don’t get it

FIRST includes several demo programs in Windriver. To access these projects go to File -> New -> Example. . .
Then select VxWorks Downloadable Kernel Module Sample Project.

For a dashboard vision demo: FRC Dashboards sample showing images. . .
For servo based color tracking (red is default): FRC Vision Simple tracker
For a vision demo to really blow your mind: FRC Vision Demonstration

I’d recommend starting with the servo demo and modifying the code to drive the robot instead of simply moving the servos.

any pictures for setting up servos to camera?

If you are using Labview to track the colors, check out this most excellent thread on the subject (hint, look at the last post to see who dunnit)

Please search before you post. There are already many threads pertaining to color tracking.

Here is one that links to code released by FIRST for both LabView and WindRiver.