How do we convert a modified user routines file into a valid .HEX file

How do we convert a modified user routines file into a valid .HEX file
When we tried we got an error saying that the file was not vaild. HELP US PLEASE!!! Thanks!

You need to use the provided MPLab software and compiler to compile it. Using the “Build All” feature.

We tried that and we still got the same error is there anything else that we have to do in order for it to work???

Please carefully describe the steps that led to the error.

we changed the code so that our motors both went the same way at the same speed because we mounted one of the moters backwards and it went though the compiler and everytihng fine but then when we went to download it to the robot controller it just gave us an error saying that it was an invaild format.

Hmmm… I take it that you used the IFI Loader program on your PC connected via a serial port to the controller, and that you used the IFI Loader’s “BROWSE” button to select the new .hex file for download, and before you could hit the “DOWNLOAD” button, IFI Loader said the file was invalid. Is that right?

I tried downloading a .hex file designed for one controller board to a different type of controller board and got a message about the processor being the wrong type (or something). But I think that is different than what you are seeing.

Try the IFI website – browse their FAQs. You could try calling them (number below) – they are nice guys, but be extra nice to them today as I expect they are getting overloaded with help requests.

IFI Technical Support Hotline - 903-454-1978, hours are 9am to noon, 1pm to 5pm CST.

You are correct that is what we did but we could not click on the download button. It was hidden and in it’s place was the message saying that the .HEX file we were tring to use was not vaild and that was all it said and i still can’t figure out why we did everything that we were sopposed to.

Did the previous version work?

Yes the default code works

Can you tell us the part you changed? A quote?

i believe what possibily could be the problem is that when they browse for the file, they choose FrcDefault_code instead of just Frccode. That could be the wrong format the computer keeps outputting, but u should also keep building it because we had the problem before and we had to build it a couple of times before it started working.

The only way that could happen is that FrcDefault_code.hex got corrupted. It’s just the default code. What you described would be characterized by the fact that changes seem to have no effect. I did that Wed. night.

Yeah, I’ve done that sort of thing: spend hours making changes and wondering why it still wouldn’t work, only to find out I wasn’t actually changing the output file that I thought I was changing.

Try this: rename or delete the .hex file you think you are creating, then build it again. If the file doesn’t reappear (i.e. the new file), then you are not creating the file you thought you were. Use Windows Explorer and “sort by date” (click the date heading), and see which .hex file is newest – that’s the file you just created (check the date/time of the file.)

I hope that helps – I could just be misunderstanding something.

I tryed that and the same .HEX file came back so that is not the problem. All that we changed was the direction that the motor starts going at the beginning so i really don’t know what the problem is.