How do we request more licenses of Inventor?

I could just be making this up, but I seem to remember reading in a FIRST e-mail blast that we can request additional licenses of Inventor. Is this correct? If so, how do we go about requesting those?

Well it did mention that in the letter that went out with the software package. It says to look in the FAQ, but I can’t seem to find it. I’d suggest contacting Anthony Theos at [email protected]

Go to the Streamline and the document is there about how to get more licenses for a team.

What is the name of this document. The letter said check the FAQ and I didn’t see anything in the FAQ. But maybe I was in a hurry and missed it.

I think you need to contact Anthony Theos at [email protected]
or to Kelly Stanphill at [email protected]. Anthony i think is the one to contact first about it, as he is in charge of training, eductaion, and purchasing.