how do we update our robotcontroller code to u013 from u012?


The master code is in the FRC_MASTER_V13.BIN file that comes along with the default code. Use the IFILoader program to send it to your RC just as if it were a .hex file.

You’ll have to reload the user code .hex file after you’ve updated the master code.

thanks! its like almost midnight in Hawaii, so all of you must be getting ready to wake up!..hehe…
anyways, we honestly think its the problem after troubleshooting our robot radio cutoff issues.
With a 2005 and 2006 RC and OI both interchanged with the respective radios, our NEW robot works fine. However, once you change to the new radios, its keeps shutting off intermittently.
This is running off the u012. I will post our test results tomorrow night after we upgrade to 013!


id like to hear from teams who have last years robot and switch to new radios and see what happens? If you do, do you have the same results as us?