How do we use the lift kit????

We got the Andymark lift kit but are having trouble figuring out how to use it.
Does it go on without modification? How?

I can’t find any instructions directly related to it’s use.

Thanks for your help.

attached the wheels on the bottom and the robot on the top…

scared for you team…:confused: :confused: :confused:

It was given to everyone in the 2010 KOP, here is a pic:

I strongly suggest bracing these things, they can cause the frame to flex enough to allow a stretched (through normal use) 35 chain jump off of the sprockets. Probably less of an issue this year than it was in 2010, the bump is much smaller, but it is also much more vertical.

The flex and twist in the frame came less from the bump and more from the quick change in direction or turning of the robot. Diagonal bracing from the pods to the frame are a must if you wish to keep your chains on the sprockets.

This year’s bumper rules aren’t going to play nice with those. Consider that in your design before you move forward.

Can you explain why? Do they lift the frame more than 10" off the floor?

Thanks for the suggestions…the photo is great. We really appreciate the help.

Well, those look like 6 inch wheels, the bumper zone is from 2 to 10 inches, and bumpers are 5 inches tall. I suppose they could be secured at only the top of the frame, I just don’t consider that to be very ideal. I think some bracing at the midpoint of those lifts would allow for a stronger frame, more secure bumpers, and you could drop the board in there for a better cog.