How do we view more teams?

Posted by Splash.

Student on team #53, Team Inferno, from Eleanor Roosevelt High School and NASA GSFC.

Posted on 6/9/2000 10:31 AM MST

After nationals a lot of teams felt short-changed becuase they had a great robot and were not noticed.
So how do we get to see more teams to give everyone their fair opportunity? The idea of splitting the teams up into groups and playing within them, works in the sense that there would only be less teams to scout. But when it came time to pick elimination round partners, there would be a dispute about who had the strongest group to choose from. For example (I am in no way saying these teams are unbeatable) what if teams 67, 47, 111, 173, 175, 65, 16, 312, and a lot of other great teams were placed in the same
region? The lowest ranked choosing teams in the other divisions would feel as though they could have done better if they had better alliance partners to choose from. Perhaps this could work if there was a seeding process determining which teams were in which bracket based on regional performance (teams
only competing in national would just be placed at random).

Barring a format change, the only way more teams are going to be viewed is if all the teams do more scouting. Taking advantage of a database of the teams would help them narrow down the teams that match them the best. But if the teams do not use it, the same problem will occur next year, only it will be worse because there will be more teams.