How do Webcams work with GRIP?

Hey, I’m working on processing camera feed, and I came across the GRIP software. Looking into it, it seems incredibly useful, however I’m not sure how to get it to process the feed directly from our Microsoft HD Lifecam 6000. I know I can get it to show the feed by plugging the camera directly into the USB port on the computer, but is it possible to get GRIP to show the feed of the camera while it is plugged into the roborio and attached to robot? I hope that makes sense, and any direct answers will be greatly appreciated.

Same thing here, we were thinking about using a 3d-printed mount. Any suggestions?

If You look elsewhere, You’ll see that other people have asked this before. You can’t use GRIP with a USB camera. It must be an IP camera (to the furthest extent of my knowledge). You can use a USB camera to test with while running it on the computer, but You can’t connect a USB cam to the roboRIO and then access it on GRIP.

You can use a USB camera with GRIP if you deploy to the RoboRIO. However, like others have said, if your running GRIP on your driver station computer, then you can’t use a USB camera.

You can use mjpg-streamer to make the USB camera have a http page.

You can also run GRIP on a coprocessor like the $99 Kangaroo PC, then you can plug the USB camera directly into it. This is probably one of the best setups to do vision processing with GRIP, since you get a much more powerful machine than the RIO without having to send images over the network.