How do you browse CD?

How do you browse CD? Do you just start at the General Forum and work your way down? Do you have a few select forums that you visit? Do you just jump around with no regard for any kind of order?

I personally, do the last one. How about you?

I just use the stuff on the right hand panel of the screen. It’s pretty helpful, and I can always know if anything important is there if I need it.

I start at the bottom of the Portal. Then I go through by stuff I need to worry about (Fantasy FIRST) and then look at whatever is interesting and on there.

> 99% portal.

I’m seeing a little more of the forum main page these days, via the lightweight archive view (on a mobile browser).

“New Posts”. Then I click on things of interest. What interests me varies from day to day.

I start with the portal and make a beeline to chit-chat.

Sometimes I spend a day watching the posts go by on CD-spy.

I subscribe to the RSS feed using Internet Explorer. It list all new threads. From there, I click on the ones I’m interested in. By the time I get to them, they usually have several good answers. If I want to keep watching that thread, I subscribe to it in CD.

You’re priorities please me.

Portal. I look for interesting threads or interesting people. If the last post is from Al S., Jane Young, or Ether (among many others), you bet I’m reading it.

Then on to chit chat and to see if Car Nack has spoken again.