How do you bypass the Operator Interface?

Our new application for the Robot Controller does not need data from the operator interface. It would be nice not to have to plug it in and have it nearby in order for the robot to function.

Does anyone know how to bypass the Operator Interface within the Robot Controller code?

Tether the OI to the RC. Set the team number on the OI to 0000. Untether. The RC will stay in autonomous until you retether it with the team number set to something other than 0000.

Check the White Papers one of the team members from Team #222 has created a portable OI that does not require an AC outlet nor a tether to make the robot function.

Edit: Just found the link for you =)

Thanks jgannon, that method worked perfectly.

Actually that would only provide a power supply for the OI. He was looking for a way to operate without the OI.