How do You Chiefdelphi?

I just wanted to see how people inthe FIRST community used chiefdelphi

being one of the only poeple on my team that activitly is involved on chiefdelphi, i keep the team connected to the first of the community. i usually just get help with small problems or quick questions and to find out about the best teams of the season. or when im bored. it helps me Not do work alot too;)

How do You Chiefdelphi? :cool:

To waste time when I have lots of work, or anytime in general.


Whenever I happen to be by the computer. I have the Chief Delphi forums set in my “favorites” list. I usually check the forums a few times a day just to see what’s going on or to check up on a thread that interests me. I also check the forums after I’ve been on Ebay looking for extra parts for my '68 Mustang.

I’ve found that only a few members from any team actually are active users of Chief Delphi. That really is a shame since there is so much information here.

The beauty of Chief Delphi and what I get the most from it is the community. We all have our own teams that we are involved with, but there is so much more to it. FIRST is so much more than 6 weeks of build and some competition, but it’s awareness.

[font=Arial]Everyone is changed by the FIRST experience. We all work toward a common goal. Think about each team being a city, and FIRST as the country that we all belong to. It would be a shame if we kept our city to ourselves. We have ideas to share. Chief Delphi allows us to do that. It binds us as a community.[/font]

I guess CD is my connection to the FIRST community. A lot of times I come heat to just read some of the opinions and learn some new things. I try to use it to keep the team I mentor more aware of the FIRST community and its ideals.

It is good at reminding you how little this competition is a robot building competition at times. I enjoy reading many of the people thought and opinions and try to offer my own opinions whenever I think they will constructively add to a thread.

I am the main person who has spent time one CD for my team. A couple of mentors have been on at times as guest but don’t post. I’ve been working on getting team members interested in joining the site because I think they could get a lot more out of it than me. I think this summer I will focus on getting our teams programmers and animators on here because CD has many great resources for these people that are currently not taken advantage of by any of my team members.

I spend most of my time on the computer here. And, I’m the only active member on me team. :slight_smile:

Points of those can be seen in previous posts. :slight_smile:

There are only two other people from my team who read the board, and we’re all now mentors. I use the boards to find information and news and bring it back to the team. Like back in '03 when our motors were acting horribly, thanks to CD we found out about all the various things that could cause a motor trouble, and that we pretty much had every single problem :wink: . This year CD was our best resource in figuring out what the heck was going to happen in Atlanta since we had no clue. We wuv Chief Delphi :).

I have delphi as my home page so I can stay connected to FIRST whenever I log on. I like top spend time here to keep myself connected to FIRST as well as helping my team stay updated on the FIRST community. I also like to have delphi there for problems or questions that my team has.

bein the most active person on cd in my team, i use it b/c i find there are usually some interesting things giong on here
the maths / science forums are usually bustling with things that geeks like me actuallty read/ care bout.
It has been useful in the past for things and i have no dougbt it will be again

i use chiefdelphi to stay connected to the FIRST world and try to provide help whenever i can…i get a great deal of enjoyment out of helping other teams and people with problems, that is probably the reason i am a mentor in the first place

it;s also alot of fun…chiefdelphi is my one of my home “tabs” (mozilla)

I use chiefdelphi to stay connected with friends on other teams and to offer my help with things that I might be knowledgeable about.

I use chiefdelphi to my brain “update” on FIRST community :smiley: And I am the only one on our team that active on chiedelphi.

I usually check forum twice a day. Sometime I ask stupid questions or post some info just to participate :wink: This is a really nice and organized site.

I love the interaction. Sincere people willing to speak their mind and share ideas. What a better way to learn. I enjoy the insight of the students. being an old working guy, I have learned that instead of becoming a grumpy old man (NO comments from Team 188 or Karthik) I become encouraged and energized. ChiefDelphi extends the competition season year round and keeps me in touch with those that would like to lose track of me. I applaud the word done here and I am thankful for the priviledge of membership.

Chief delphi is a great way to communicate ideas, meet people, and gain knowledge is multiple fields. I use it to either get help, help other people, or to sometimes jsut have fun. I mean hey, I met my g/f through chiefdelphi!

Comming from 2 active CD using teams, (263 and 229), I always have thought of CD as the place to come for answers. Now I help give the answers as a moderator and MechE mentor for team 229. If you were to ask me in 2001 when I joined FIRST where I would have been in 4 years…probably not what I would have said, but quite glad I got here.

As for reading CD threads…I usually do not read anything in chit-chat and stick to the more technical forums and off-season discussion.

I use it to look up stuff, of course, but I always use it to waste time during study hall, being that it’s the only useful website I can get on, despite the school’s websense. :rolleyes:

For a bunch of things
-Fun (CD = my home page)
-Procrastination (in fact, thats what i’m doing right now)
-Keeping up with the first news
-Learning about all this stuff that I don’t know.


I come here for amusement, to provide knowledge of electronics, and mostly to get answers. It is like a large, evolving encyclopedia, with useless and useful topics. Sort of like the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, except only applying to FIRST.

Reasons I go on Cheif Delphi:

  1. To feel like I have a social life.
  2. To get necessary information.
  3. To make new buddies!
  4. Lots of other reasons, but above all else, because FIRST rocks!

I Chiefdelphi to obtain valuable information that is not accessible through any other site/book. I use it to relate robotics with the “real world”… if there is one. :wink: