How do you determine who your drive team is?

What is the process of which you guys decide the members of your driveteam?

Do you have applications? interviews? try-outs? do you play any kinds of mind thinking games or activities like Zip-Zap-Zoop!

What are determining factors?

I know sometimes it’s based off skills and experience, but how do you find out which people are experienced (intellectually and physically)?

I’d like to know what kinds of questions you ask to applicants, any scenarios you make up, and/or best features of your envisioned “perfect” driveteam member.

The information I need most elaboration on is not like…“they must be able to drive well” or “they need to know the rules in and out”, but how you’re able to test their abilities with attributes such as coping under pressure, thinking off their feet, effective communication, etc.

There are some great threads already focused on this topic, such as this one:


we go through various optical courses then who ever come out on top is the driver

There are a few things we do.

1: We let every wannabe driver apply.
2: They take a rules test to make sure they understand the rules (especially coach).
3: The 1st and 2nd drivers we select are decided by who can control and use the bot better when we test it.

We set minimum standards for being able to control the robot. Anyone who can meet those is guaranteed at least 1 match. Then we pick our best driver based on who can drive the best over all of our designed strategies and an alternate.

I would like to know how people’s driving stations are going to look this year ours fits the width but not the depth. Do we have to rebuild it? Also our drivers are picked by people who understand the engineering constraints of the robot.