How do you feel about the "tsunami"?

Hey, these couple of days has gone by. And i hear is all about the tsunami! I was wondering, how do you feel about it?

here is the web site, that has some pictures of the tsunami:

I feel horrible about it. All those people lost their lives and family members and probably in some cases all of there sentimental belongings. I wish that America would do more to help these people get back on their feet.

Is there any way to feel about it except terrible?

There’s a whole lot of money that’s been donated to the victims but even that isn’t going to make things better, and who knows how many more people will die before the whole thing is over.

I feel terrible for the people who have had to deal with the loss of loved ones and all of their possessions. However, I think that we should seriously think about the methods we are sending aid to the victims. I feel we should use our military machines and wealth to bring food and medicine directly to the people. Including, providing assistance in rebuilding their homes.
I don’t think we should write checks to the governments of these corrupt nations (except maybe Taiwan). Who knows what the money will be used for; their governments do not make decisions based on the best interests of their people.
For instance…
Did you know that Sri Lanka rejected aid from Israel?
Or that Indonesia caused the US Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier to move out of their waters?
Or that Indonesia wants military aid workers out within weeks?

I’m weary about giving money to charites because your never too sure that the money is going to the people who really need it.

After i saw it on New, this is what pop up on my mind:

Things that you work hard for, can be gone in a split sec.

These satellite images from DigitalGlobe really show the destruction caused by the tsunami. While this was a great tragedy, you can not stop mother nature and I think I would feel worse if this would have been preventable.

DigitalGlobe Images

Thing is, if these countries had enough money, it kinda could have been preventable, (except for the tsunami thing) they could’ve had seizmic (spelling?) sensors out on the ocean floor and had a chance to evacuate at least most, if not all the people

That will give you an idea of the damage. It was hard for me to picture everything until I saw this, and then it was very emotional to deal with what I was seeing.

That pic really shows the damage, I watched the news and i felt horrible for all of those people who had to live through that and also for all the families that lost someone.

Whats wrong w/ the world today! Strom’s (snow), horrible hits (the tsunami hit), murders! (old cases), and attacks from Iraq. (sighs :frowning: :confused: …)

Well you can always be sure about the American Red Cross… they are the most reliable.