How do you get your other ball

Unless I’m looking at the drawings wrong, the homestretch extends to the alliance’s finish line, which is under the far end of the overpass, not the middle of the field as you have it.

True, the drawing was quickly made for basic demo purposes. Fixing that now.

EDIT: Original Drawing Updated.

I haven’t done the math, but it seems to me that if the ball is sitting on the rail, and the rail is directly above the finish line then the ball should extend beyond the finish line … thus you should be able to knock the ball off of the rails by striking the part that is beyond the opponents finish line without your robot being in their “home strech” or breaking the plane of the finish line.

I am confused. Page 5 of 7 of THE ARENA. As the ROBOTS move in a counter-clockwise direction around TRACK, the quadrant of the TRACK immediately preceeding the the FINISH LINE for each alliance is known as the “HOME STRETCH”

Wouldn’t that mean that the finish line itself is not part of the home stretch? The home stretch is bounded by the finish line. Does that mean the finish line is part of the home stretch? Or does it mean that the leading edge of the finish line is the boundary?

I tend to think that since the wording says the home strech is the quadrant of the track immediately preceeding the finish line, that the Home Stretch does not include the area above the finish line, but rather the area before the finish line.

Just like the ball hangs down under the overpass, the ball also crosses over the plane of the homestretch. This makes it possible but difficult to knock that trackball off by turning around once you are out of the other teams homestretch.

Is the hight limit in affect during Hybrid mode?

Chuck, have you seen <G22>? I really don’t think that’s legal.

<G22> Direction Of Traffic – ROBOTS must proceed around the TRACK in a counter-clockwise direction. Once a ROBOT has CROSSED a LANE MARKER or FINISH LINE, it shall not break the plane of the line by moving in the clockwise direction. A PENALTY will be assigned for each infraction.

Having the very outter edges of the ball, or i read in another thread that 2 inches of the ball will be below the 6ft mark, be the only area for contact to try to knock it down (its a pretty darn big/heavy ball) is very unreasonable.

My take on this is…the rule was worded so you have to knock the trackball down backwards and go all the way around before you can use it to score additonal points. and the rule was just worded poorly. (keep the scores closer, which is an obvious goal for this year because of no possible 60 point chunks at the very end of the match)

Or, being ON your opponents finish line. According to the rules, you have broken the plane and technically out of the homestretch. (maybe this was designed to protect the rack the balls are sitting on, dont want high speed, potentially out of control robots flying around with over 6 feet of leverage. may not end good:] haha)

Or pure strategy, which would be entirely annoying, though add a wonderful twist to the game.

I think these are more realistic ideas than 2 inches lee-way trying to knock over 10pounds and 40 inches. plus, have fun refs judging those two inches.

just my two cents :]

That’s not correct. Breaking the plane is the metric for determining if you’re going clockwise, not counter-clockwise. When going counter-clockwise, what section of the track you’re on depends on the CROSSING definition.

CROSSING: The act of a TRCKBALL or ROBOT passing through the plane defined by a line (i.e. LANE MARKER or FINISH LINE) when it is projected vertically upwards. A TRACKBALL or ROBOT shall have CROSSED a line when all parts of the object, while traveling in a counterclockwise direction, have completely passed through the plane.

We saw this in the human demonstration during kickoff… a robot broke the plane of a line during hybrid, but didn’t entirely CROSS it, so he didn’t get any bonus points.

I did, but I’m pretty sure that the intent of the rule is to keep robots from going demolition derby style and going against traffic.

I think we reay need clarification on G36 and R16. the hight limit in the oponents home stretch. even the animation seemed to violate both rules as the red bot is obviosely much to hig for being in the blu home stretch.
see animation video at 1min53sec or the attached picture of it.
lets see the Q&A and team update. Team 451 - Jens

There’s a possibility that your interpretation of the intent is correct, but as it’s worded right now, there is no room for interpretation. Reaching from the other side as you describe would garner you a ten point penalty. Maybe this will change next week, but assigning some kind of intent to the rules when none is given only confuses the issue.

well some near guaranteed changes, or at the least, clarification of the rules should definitely be in the near future…hopefully

I am pretty sure you’ll be able to knock the trackball off of the rails from beyond the opponents finish line without crossing it, since it will hang over the line.

The difficulty will be ensuring you are beyond the line before attempting it, being lined up enough, and being able to apply enough force to the Trackball

you could get the ball while not beeing in the opposing side’s home strech zone.
You cross their finish line, go back dropping the ball/grabbing it and there you have it.
This might be intentional by the GDC, not a mistake like many of us hurried to asume.
The mistake though, is in the Game Animation, which means that Lavery is still messing with our heads!

Chuck proposed that. You can’t recross any lines or even break the planes unless you have gone a full lap. So, you cross the finish line and then hit the ball. You now run the risk of getting a 10-pointer for breaking the plane.

But it might jube be woeth it in order to get the ball dropped and usable for Hurdling.

Why do you risk getting the penalty?

The finish line is directly under the 2nd bar. As long as whatever you hit the trackball with is vertical and is outside the bar, then you have not broken the plane. The ball will overhang the bar and thus can be hit and knocked off the rails without penalty.

If you are slightly off/your vertical member bends over the line, you broke the plane. If a ref sees you, they can give a penalty. I’m also not sure it’s physically possible to do this. (ball and rail dynamics)

I’m not too concerned about the vertical member being off (this is what spirit levels are for :smiley: ) … I’d be more concerned with a portion of the robot hanging over the finish line while we extend above the 6’ high restriction.