How do you guys add counterweight to your robot?

Our robot is pretty underweight and a lot of the weight is in the back. I would like to counterweight this (can’t use the battery, that is what is weighing down the back a lot more and no better spot for it) and i’m wondering what ways other teams use that is inexpensive and not hard to do.

In the past, I’ve see steel rod bolted to the underside of a chassis. Other possibilities are large gym weights strap/bolted on.

Coated solid lead scuba weights.

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Steel rods or plates is your best bet.

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Scrap steel drop(s) from thicker plates at your local machine shop. Just tell them you only need a flat(ish) side and just bolt it on . Probably 1/2 inch +.

Steel brackets on bumpers. Last year we had steel bar bolted to the inside of our drivetrain frame.

Add more functionality on the front of the robot.

Make the bellypan 1/4 or 1/2 in steel.

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