How do you guys organize and share your CAD?

Hello! Most years my team doesn’t have a full designated CAD team and people just CAD the parts that need to be fabricated. This year we have a more full fledged team where we are making an assembly of the full bot, not just making any custom parts. We have about 3-4 people CADding, and we either use the computers in our bay or our laptops to work. We have been using a google drive where we upload all our files so you can access them from wherever, but we are wondering if some other teams have a better way they organize and share files, as the drive can get messy and sometimes acts a bit screwy. Thanks!

GrabCAD Workbench is what you’re looking for. We started using it in 2016 and it has revolutionized our efficiency and collaboration capabilities. If you have any questions about it or how we use it, just ask.

Thank you! This looks perfect!

In addition to grabcad, our team is shifting to using naming conventions in order to better organize our folders, and make it easier to identify parts and assemblies. It’s similar to the one 1678 uses, which they talk about in their mechanical design presentation.

We, personally, like to use Nextcloud.

10/10 for GRABCAD! Its so helpful!

GrabCAD all the way. Naming conventions are a must as well.

Going to reiterate Grabcad, as an example of naming convention: we follow 5811-A-B-C wher A is the project number. Our robot this year is 5811-4 because we had 3 off season projects. B is eith P symbolising Part of A meaning Assembly. C is the part number where each subaseenbly is a new hundred. This is completely stolen from 971, but this is what we use to keep track of parts and also shows our naming

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