How Do You Keep Track Of Team's History?

Just out of curiosity, I want to know what teams do to keep track of a team history. Like on their team site, photos, someone who keeps records. I’d be interesed in seeing how teams can relate to the past.
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Team 102 has had photos dating back to when we started. I’m currently the hostorian. I have photos and keep track of competitions and how we did and put that sort of information on our sites.

The TechnoKats are in deep research of our history on our website. Its been dubbed the history project. Right now we just have pics, but soon we will have old team rosters and all types of other good stuff.

We have a portfolio, but most importantly we pass it on from generation to generation through words and sharing memories at casual ocassions. It’s inspiring, sets a standard, and keeps the newer kids striving for more. Word of mouth is powerful.

Well we have a history page on our website and we have a museam at our site with stuff from all the way back in '92. We have photo album and videos that also date back that far. And a few team members who have also been in FIRST all that way back to '92.

We use our webite as a repository of our team history. We found it’s much easier to pull it together as it’s happening rather than reconstituting it years later when some of the principle players have moved on.

For privacy concerns some things, such as team rosters, are recorded but not made available until the youngest are 18.

We keep a sort of diary of the year, who we allied with, photos/videos, where seniors went after graduation, the game description and manual, the FIRST program cover for that year, the teams that went to our home regional, all the registered FRC teams for that year, our sponsors/engineers/NEMs, student college essays relating their FIRST experience, that kind of stuff. More technical content such as in-house white papers, the robot code, etc. is also kept and organized on the website.

We cut a comprehensive Team season DVD for each member each year that records special memories from pre-season, outreach, build/competition, etc. up to the year-end party (when it gets handed out).

Like many of the above posts, we have a history page with scattered write ups for each year that we were in existence, even from the Canada FIRST days. The majority of this was written before the 2004 season when the Team 188 page was revamped and released for the new Championship wide competition and suffice it to say its effect on the overall presence of as a resource for our team and others was enormous.

But one thing that I think our team does hold in capacity is a unique “living history”. When I walked in to my first competition in grade 10, I noticed a curious site, all of the regional volunteers seemed to know the teachers and older students from 188. This was and still is due to the fact that a large majority of graduating students from our team form extremely strong relationships and attachments to FIRST as a whole. I could give you an entire list of people that are 188 alumni that provide windows of insight into the days when EPCOT was the main stomping ground for teams like Beatty or Wildstang or, going even further back, when CanadaFIRST was still around and the Championships were in a local community college’s gym. Our team has come a long way, but whenever new students come on board, I tell them to read the website, but above all listen and learn from those that happen to drop by every so often during the build season or at a regional event. The history and tradition of FIRST remain strong on our team and at our school and thats something that I am extremely proud to be a part of!

Well, alot of our team members come back and visit us so we can talk to them, and we have pictures and other various things to keep track of them.

We have Granny on our team who has been there for 9 years now and she rememebrs everything.

Not to mention Ken Patton is almost a complete FIRSTopedia in himself:D