How do you keep track...

I’m new to this type of site and was wondering how I can keep track and follow up on the threads and posts that I made. I did a search for threads and post using my “team 1708 dave” and found only 3 posts that I made.


This site seems to subscribe you to threads you have replied to… I go to the quick links and click on subscribed threads and bingo… where every you’ve tossed your two cents in. :smiley:

You can also go to your profile and theres a list all threads replied to and threads started by link… that works too. :slight_smile:

Ahh… ok that answers that but how do you subscribed to threads? I feel like I need CD 101.:o There really isn’t any clear directions for the basic use of the site. I found tons of stuff for “advanced” user.

Thanks for the help and hope to read from ya.

Click your user name and there will be an option to find all post by you.

I just figured it out… Thanks for all you help!!