How do you know teams??

I have recieved many messages from people asking what the “great Technokats” are doing this year. So how did people come to the conclusion that we are at least a semi-good team?? I am curious because I kinda view us as just another team with nothing too special. And how does everyone view other teams and who does everyone think is a great team and who will do great this year??

Well First of all you beat us: team 121 for the National championship in 1998…that says alot there in its self…

:smiley: :smiley: have a great year

Well, I know that my first “run-in” with team #45 was in my rookie year in '99. We were definately intimidated by that robot. Then, as I got to know more people in the FIRST realm, I met some of the team first hand and got to know them better through events like the IRI.

The Gila Monsters have a good rep, as does 47 Chief Delphi and 116 Epsilon Delta…

I came to same conclusion as the teams that have sent you messages. Not only has your team had an extremely competitive robot but you guys are also very cool Kats. I have been priviledged to have met some technokats online. You guys are really great not only in regards to your bots but also as far as people.

Go Kats!

You are on a GREAT team, IMHO.

You are on a 10 year team.

You are on a national championship winning team.

You have financial support. Delphi takes very good care of your team.

You have a beautiful facility to build your robot.

You have excellent engineering support. Andy Baker, Kip Gerhart (the two I know, but the list goes on). Your engineers are committed to your team, committed to teaching students, and putting out a great machine. They are some of the finest I have come into contact with.

You consistently put out a great machine. Your team consistently raises the bar by which all FIRST robots must be measured. (Look around for robots with treads nearly identical to yours for one).

While the student body of a team can change very quickly. All my experiences with 45 have shown the students to be very friendly and helpful.

I think the TechnoKats exude what FIRST is all about. I don’t think there is a team involved in FIRST that couldn’t learn something from the TechnoKats. I wish that the team I was on in high school could have been more like the TechnoKats, and I hope that the team that I will be on in the future will have much in common with the TechnoKats we have come to know and love.

I’m sorry that I will not be able to see you guys in competition this year. You really need to make it back to Michigan.

Bill Whitley

It’s really awesome to be able to be on a team like the TechnoKats. All of the engineers and other adults on our team are awesome, and I’ve learned a ton just watching. It’s also very cool that so many people know who we are!

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to that email. I was at the shop today and Andy suggested I take a look at the replies and he also made another comment that after rereading what I said, I have to unfortunately agree. I in no way meant to come off like I was fishing(fishing for compliments). However, after all the responses I am kind of glad I did because those who took their time to repsond have made a great impression upon me. I realize now that I have taken my team for granted. We have wonderful people on our team, including the engineers, teachers, and students. Again, I would like to thank those who took their time to write a response. Especially Bill Whitley. Andy commented on how nice yor reply was, which made me want to get online and read it even more. And now that I have, I would like to thank you for making me realize what an expectional team I am on and how lucky I am to have those people in my life. Thank you to everyone who so kindly repsonded to my posting.:slight_smile:

If we’re talking about teams with good reps, don’t forget about the west coast teams. Team 60 the bionic bulldogs, Team 254 The cheesy poofs are always great, and Team 192 GRT.

TKO has always been a very special team to me.
My junior year(99) I was fortunate enough to be one of the drivers for our robot, WildStang. During the Motorola MidWest Regional, we were seeded high enough to chose another team. We shocked the room by choosing, Team 45, TechnoKats. They were I believe something like second to last seed, and didn’t believe they would be chosen. But we saw the potential they had, and even more importantly saw that we would be a great combination with them. We proved ourselves right and had some great matches.
Them came Nationals. We tried our best, but due to some mechanical difficulties we were not seeded high enough to continue unless picked as an alliance.
TKO returned the favor, and also remembered what a wonderful alliance the two of us created. So again, TKO and WildStang(along with The Buzz) continued into the semi finals…and then the finals. We finished the day in second place.

Our blossomed friendship continued to Rumble at the Rocks, where I recall a scrolling sign that continuously cheered WildStang on.

Years later I still keep in contact with some members of that team. Every competition I go to I pay special attention to any matches with TKO(along with 112, 108, 16, and of course, 111).

TKO displays not only a wonderfully designed robot year and after year, and a sometimes unbeatable strategy, but they also bring back each year a highly spirited team.

I have many fine memories of TKO, and will forever be cheering them on:)