how do you make 2 joysticks run 4 motors on labview

does anyone have a plot of how to make two joysticks run four motors for labveiw because my team is trying to do that but we can only get one of the joysticks working.

In your use the open 4 motors instead of open 2 motors. You will also need to open up another joystick. Then in your instead of using use and link it to your open 4 motors you initialized in Then plug in the two joysticks and you should be good to go.

Remember to close everything in

Make sure you make use of the examples they provide. Here is the TankDrive example:

Use the PWM Y-cables in the KOP

Can you re-upload that picture? It seems to be broken.

Is that in the or in the

Here’s a similar Tank Drive example.

As a general rule:
Opens go in Begin. Gets and Sets and Drives go in Teleop. Closes go in Finish.

Read the LabVIEW tutorial on how to integrate examples into a robot project.