How Do You Make a PB & J?

In the hotdog thread I made a reference to ‘if we ever make a PB & J thread"’ - so here it is. Any special ingredients out there? Favorites?

PB on one piece of bread. Jelly on other.

The end.

Nothing interesting on mine :wink:

Yeah, pretty normal. Just make sure you spread the peanut butter first. Nobody wants jelly in the peanut butter jar.

Smooth PB, honey, & grape jelly stirred together and then spread on only white bread and served with a cold glass of milk.

Crunchy peanut butter laid on thick on the left side of fresh homemade bread. Homemade raspberry jam on the right. Important - no butter. Put right side, jam side down, on left side, peanut butter side up. Make cut from top left to bottom right.

Well, this isnt exactly how to make a pb and j, but it is a related story

so we have a bunch of food from last years first competition, and we keep it out in the lab’s freezer
so i decided to thaw out some bread from last year and make a pb & j because i was absolutly starving after marching band practice. anyway, we tossed some bread in the microwave and guess what? it tasted better than one with fresh bread :ahh: . . . i dunno. i thought it was interesting

peanut butter and bananas, no jam.


Peanut butter on one side, grape jelly on the other, and occasionally I’ll toast the bread first, but mostly not. It doesn’t matter if the peanut butter is smooth or crunchy or regular or honey roasted, but the jelly (or jam) must be grape. However, I will sometimes smash up a banana with cinnamon and use it in place of jelly.


Peanut Butter then Fritos sans Jelly.

Tastes better that way.

Anyone ever blend and/or scramble the peanut butter and jelly together? All my PB & J’s are sans Jelly, so I was wondering…

I’d most definitely make a Rube Goldberg machine out of Vex robot parts to do it. Doing it by hand it just so boring. :stuck_out_tongue:

*"The machine would first reach into a refrigerator, use a CMUcam to find the jar of peanut butter (which would have a neon green label.) The machine would then use a laser to slice off the lid, turn the jar upside down, and slowly begin heating the jar to have the peanut butter come out of the jar and into the peanut butter hopper on the machine.

While this is happening, it would slice up a loaf of bread and calibrate itself to the exact center of gravity of each individual piece of bread, to know exactly how much peanut butter and jelly - to the thousandth of a gram - to put on it, to keep the sandwich perfectly balanced, for the most efficient and enjoyable sandwich-eating experience.

From here, it would use a high pressure spray nozzle applicator to spray semi-molten peanut butter mist onto the piece of bread one layer at a time, with allowing time in between each layer for the peanut butter to cool down.

After this, the machine would reach back into the refrigerator to find the jar of jelly, which it would again slice the lid off with the laser, while dumping the contents into the jelly hopper. Using a confectionary frosting applicator nozzle, it would then squeeze out the jelly onto the other piece of bread, which keeping the bread perfectly balanced.

Since the two halves of the machine are not right next to each other, each machine would then find the mass of each piece of bread, and calibrate a launching machanism. The two halves of the machine would then each fire their piece of bread into the air, and the peanut butter piece of bread would perfectly hit the jelly piece of bread in mid-air, forming a sandwich. As this sandwich would begin to fall back to the ground, a robotic arm would come out with a plate to catch the sandwich. Voila, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!"*


Why build it? Why not! Carnegie Mellon University made their own version, except their machine made hot dogs. :cool:

Somwhow I think I should add like 2.28 million dominos that get knocked down to this machine. I don’t know what their exact purpose would be, but no overly-complicated machine is complete without tons o’ dominos.

Hello, my name is Joseph, I haven’t had a PB&J in easily 8 years.



Peanut butter and jelly on one slice of bread then fluff on the other. :smiley:

I think I know the purpose of the numerical value of dominoes, if not the dominoes themselves. :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to like the Fluffernutter sandwich, 'till I realized I’m allergic to fluff. :frowning: Oops.

Now, on my PB&J’s I have only crunchy peanut butter one one slice, strawberry jelly on the other, and **Land O’ Lakes American **cheese in the middle.

Yep. PB, J & C is always better than a normal PB & J.

And the bolded portions are critical to preserve the tatse just how I remember it in case anyone wants to make me a sandwich for any reason at any time.
I never say no to free food! :rolleyes:
Many people on these forums can vouch for that I’m sure! :smiley:

Oh yeah… and a tall glass of 1% milk completes the meal.

I’ve never had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. I don’t like jelly and rarely eat peanut butter.

I thought this might be an FLL entry. My daughter starts out the kids she is mentoring by pretending she’s a robot, and having them tell her instructions for making a PB sandwich. Which she follows to the letter, with sometimes hilarious results!

I like 'em with just peanut butter and with just jelly, but if you mix the two I can’t stand it. I’ve tried peanut butter and potato chips before and it was pretty good. It made for an easy lunch on the go…

I don’t like peanut butter and jelly, but peanut butter and honey is pretty good.

I have lots of different pb&j variations.
This is one that I like to sit outside and watch the sky with.

Slice a Granny Smith apple (the green tangy ones) into apple rounds, thick or thin - I like thin. Take out the centers with the seeds, core pieces.
Smear one round with smooth peanut butter and cover it with raisins. Put another round on top and it makes a little apple sandwich.

I eat PB , J & Ketchup… wired I know but I like it.