How do you make gears on solidworks

I need to make gears for a project and i’m having trouble

SDP-SI has CAD models of pretty much any common gear size you could need.

If you need an odd-sized gear (such as something with a non-commonly available number of gear teeth), get a copy of Machinery’s Handbook and look at their section on gear tooth profiles. A few years ago I used this to draw up an approximately correct (I simplified the tooth profile to improve SW performance), equation-driven gear tooth SolidWorks model. Using equations, I set the number of teeth, diametrical pitch, pressure angle, face width, and bore options and it automagically generates the gear model.

Before you model a gear, go to I used to use Boston Gear when I was a designer, but there are many manufacturers. You need to specify parameters such a pitch, diameter, number of teeth.

You will get a simplified version of the gear, with our without a keyway.

Although this does not contain the exact curve, they are close enough for a purchased part. When given the chance - get the model from a supplier, don’t waste time creating the model. Marie