How do you organize your batteries?

Ive seen a lot of various small little carts throughout the FRC seasons.

Currious to hear how you store your batteries!

We leave them on our SuperPit, in battery slots or a tote (for transport). Though that does remind me; I need to get the kiddos to add some kind of retention feature so they can stay in the slots!

Lotta posts on CD on this already.


This was a pic from last year when the cart wasn’t quite finished. That is mounted on top of a Sam’s Club tool box and the batteries go in the bottom drawer of box for travel

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I’m trying to find the post but an actual employee from MK batteries said that batteries should be charged and discharged standing up. I didn’t really see anyone question this statement so I don’t know how important it is to do.

I emailed our battery supplier (ups battery center) at the end of last season to seek professional advice on this very subject.

They informed me that while “it’s prettier looking and better form to keep them upright with the terminals facing up”, in the end with these batteries, it just doesn’t matter.

Based on that info directly from our supplier, we’re comfortable storing/charging the batteries on their sides. Your mileage may vary with MK or other various suppliers :woman_shrugging:

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You don’t want to charge/discharge these batteries upside-down (with the terminals facing down) as this can interfere with the pressure release vents if the battery should off-gas hydrogen. Other than that, it should be fine to charge and use them standing up or on their sides.

We built a custom battery cart last year out of a hand truck with welded tab and slot pieces added.

CAD available here: Team 401 2022 and 2023 CAD Releases

That’s how we store batteries for competitions / demos. We normally have a few older batteries on hand in addition to those nine, we store the older batteries on a spare table in our shop with a charger so that they can be grabbed for quick tests.


We have a cart that we arrange, essentially goes newest on top, then labelled A-whatever, reading left to right:

Would not recommend building your cart like this, management is hard, and it appears wood glued together, so yeah.
Worlds is a different story though: