how do you power on the robot control

My team wants to know how do you power up the robot control, if the adapter only fits into the operator interface. PLEASE GIVE US SOME USEFUL INFORMATION.

the robot controller is powered from the battery onboard the robot.


the robot control unit is powered by two twelve volt screws. run these through your twenty amp breaker. these screws are on the right side of the “Program” plug and say “12 volts”.

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Don’t worry, reverse current wont hurt it.

We found that out after trying and trying to get it to come on . . . only to realize that the quick release thingy on our battery was backwards . . . . I didn’t breath again until we tested it and it came on.

yes, get a mentor, very quickly, that or read a book, or the white papers or something.

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**Don’t worry, reverse current wont hurt it.

Although the Robot controller has a protection diode built in, it is not failsafe. Damage can result if the polarity of the supply is reversed. As to the correct way to connect the robot controller, please refer to the controller manual available here… and the robot electrical drawing here…
These two documents should be able to give you an definitive answer. If you are still unsure, let me know and I will explain anything that you are not sure of.