How do you rank?

Team 1251, the TechTigers, have put together a “Relative Power Ranking” system that analyzes scores and records of teams competing at various regionals and ranks teams relative to each others performance. Come check out how your team ranks among other teams participating in your local regionals, across multiple regionals, and those attending nationals.

We pulled team names from each team’s website, and tried to be as accurate and current as possible. Please let us know if your team goes by a different name so we can fix it in our database.

We could only compile data from the 19 regionals that contained data on the US FIRST website, if anyone has data from regionals that we are missing, it would be greatly appreciated.




It looks like your power ranking is very close to being based on winning percentage. But since there are teams with higher percentages ranked lower, I am curious what formula that includes scores you used to figure the ranking.

We determine a strength of schedule by looking at each teams opponents winning percentage and also those opponents opponents winning percentage …

(3*(winningPercent) + 2*(OpponentsWinPercent)+1*(OpponentsOpponentsWinPercent))/6

that helps weight your score, and then we look at margin of victory in individual games to give more/less points which could move a team up/down the ranking. Everything changes with each new match entered, even if it is a team you never faced (as long as one of your opponents faced any team in the new match)

It seems like this ranking could be more accurate if it also included wins/losses in the elimination rounds.

That is a very neat system. I am very impressed! I wrote somthing very similar to fill out my bracket in March!

I was thinking the opposite. Our ranking does include the elimination rounds. Not including the eliminations would be a better random sampling.

Very Cool. That is an interesting formula.

I dig this.

I spotted a few quirks in the system–the FAQs and clicking the team number both try to trigger file downloads in Firefox 1.0.2. (Well, that, and 1293 is D5 Robotics–Ockham’s Raizor is just the robot’s name. But that’s just splitting hairs.)

Hope to see this more in 2006!

That is very accurate and i can see a lot of work went into it. Bravo!

However, i was thinking that no one mentioned counting your alliance partners strenght. This will make it much more accurate, for example if a team had low ranked alliance partners and still managed to win a lot of those matches; they should be rated higher. :rolleyes:

You can get more data from Karthik’s white paper here:

You guys did a heck of a job on that software. Sebastian is the man when it comes to scouting and scouting software. They gave me a little demo at Palmetto and I was a bit overwhelmed.
On Saturday I was surprised you had us ranked so low, but when you based it on W/L’s you’re not necessarily going to get a good picture. Although it is definitely a good data point to look at. I would suggest you mix in a penalty factor though. In our case 2 of our losses at Palmetto were completely out of our hands because of penalties from our alliances. Maybe if you look at the score “before” penalties - since we actually won all 3 of of our losses but then penalties erased the scores. I know it’s hard to actually get that information as to “who” drew the flags - or what the pre-penalty score was. But I think it will paint a better picture.
Anyhow, looking forward to seeing you guys next week!

Looks nice, but some of the information seems to be wrong. For example, my team 1110 for some reason has the name “Circuit Runners” but that is team 1002.

nice job :slight_smile:

I agree 100%. It’s often your partners that make you or break you.

We have a great scouting team system in our team, this program that our scouts and Mr. B made is awsome.

At the regionals in the picking aliancer ceremony we could see how they were just picking the same teams that we had in our list and in almost the same order.

Also i think is pretty cool that you pick the regional(s) and it will give you a ranking with only the information from the chosen regionals, it takes a little bit because there is so much data involved but it works great.

Don’t hesitate to visit our pits at The Championships or look for the bright orange shirts at the stands, you are all welcome to see the program and all the data that we have from every team.


Wow… what an improvement for a 2nd year team.

you guys simply amaze me.

I have seen you guys scout, you guys go out there and dig out every bit of info you can find about the team. Proud to say that you guys are my friends. :slight_smile:

… see you guys in a week. Rock the archimedes guys.

awsome job guys i like how high u put up team 56

This data is almost entirely generated by Qualifying matches. I included the Quarterfinals/Semi-finals/Finals only to help differentiate teams and give a slightly better spread

Unfortunately this data isn’t available anywhere. I wanted to post 2 rankings, one with and one without penalties, but could not find any where that scores sans penalties existed.

Do you by chance have any info on palmetto before teams selected on saturday ~ GREAT SYSTEM does look like a lot of work went into it