How do you read table 4-5?

The way i read this table, a team could have one Driver and 2 Human Players. The Alliance could have 9 Human Players?

Do I have this correct?


You can have a max of 3 drive team members. how they are allocated between driver/HP is up to you


Sure…? The better question is why would you have 6 human players? I guess we can get a line of people passing balls?

The rules do not differentiate between driver and Human Player. A single team can have 3 drivers, or 3 human players, or anything in-between. Theoretically, there could 9 human players per alliance, or 0 human players per alliance. If you have further questions as to this table, I would recommend using the Q&A system to try and get it answered.

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I love the idea of having no drivers. Fully autonomous robot??? that would be super cool


Perhaps your robot is broken - this gives would-be drivers something useful to do at least, other than just standing there.


Yeah, that’s how I read it too. I might ask just to make sure. If we had a non-functioning robot on our alliance we would certainly consider adding 3 more Human Players for a bucket brigade.

Perhaps the alliance is having difficulty with H9, and as such is using extra human players in an attempt to not receive penalties for having too many powercells. (Although, this is unlikely)

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DRIVER or HUMAN PLAYER is just what description you want to use for your team. If you have three HUMAN PLAYERS, they can each still manipulate the controls for your robot. (See H4.) If you have three DRIVERS, they can each still manipulate the POWER CELLS. (See H6 and H7.)

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And the GDC concurs:

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When you show up to competition and get inspected you will get one drive coach button, one technician button, and three driver buttons. The driver buttons are used for both human players and drivers so you get to pick how they’re used.

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