How do you recalibrate two joysticks using Java code, and without using the robot?

My fellow programmer and I need some help on how to re-calibrate two joysticks that we have, one of which is ambidextrous, the other is for right-handedness. We can’t turn on the robot at the moment, and our lead programmer is currently unavailable to speak to for a while. The main issue we’re facing is that the ambidextrous joystick is very sensitive, while the right-handed joystick is barely sensitive, requiring it to go completely in one direction in order to start moving in that direction. We noticed that someone else had this issue, but their type of code is extremely different from ours. It also doesn’t help that both of us have just started this year.

if it is a calibration issue, you can use the calibration tool in windows - no code necessary: How to Calibrate Your PS or Xbox Controller in Windows 10

These joysticks are not Xbox or PS controllers, sorry for not specifying. The joysticks we are using are the ambidextrous Logitech Attack 3, and the right-handed Logitech Extreme 3D Pro.

To quote a line from that link…

All Windows 10 PCs come with a program called the Calibration Tool. It works with all USB controllers, including PlayStation and Xbox controllers.

That said, I’m not certain it’s a calibration issue. If not, you’ll need the programmer involved anyway because it’ll require changing code. But feel free to open up the windows calibration tool and confirm they joysticks are reading similar values. If they are, then confirm the code isn’t scaling (often exponential) one but not the other.

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