How do you run Driver Station on the Developer Account?

My team has been having a problem with our Classmate computer. We have two accounts, the Developer Account and the Driver Account. When we run the cRio robot project in the Development account, the program does not work. However, when we build and deploy the project, then log in to the Driver Account, the FRC Driver Station works. This means that we have to reset our Classmate after every change in the code. Does anyone know how to make it so that we can run everything in the Development account? Thanks.

You need to run the FRC Driver Station application in order to enable the robot. It should be in the Start menu.

What I do with “last-minute” deploys (the Classmate PC was clearly not meant to be your primary developer’s computer) is I just switch users. The shortcut for that is Windows Key + L. Log in to Driver’s, enable, test, Windows-L again, log in to Developer, make changes, deploy, Windows-L and enable and test again. Granted, after each deploy, you need to restart your robot.

If you are so good that you really don’t need to debug your code, build, deploy, and switch to the driver station. If you prefer to run code from the development tools so that you can keep an eye on it, stay in developer, keep the tools running, and launch the DS from the Start menu.

Greg McKaskle

i just use the driverstation program in the developer account

Thanks to everyone who answered my question but I would like to clarify. Our specific problem is that we are unable to deploy and run code in the developer account without having to use the Driver Station app. We would like to run and debug the code from the front panel of Is it possible to do this? Your assistance on this matter is greatly appreciated.

Not sure if this is an option for you or not … but my team uses a seperate laptop PC for development … and mostly leave the DS/Classmate alone.

Normally, we tend to leave the Classmate DriverStation logged in as Driver, with a custom dashboard and the DS software running. We develop and deploy from our development laptop, allowing us to use the VI front-panels to debug and troubleshoot from the development laptop.

We only need to touch the classmate if/when we tweak our custom dashboard, or to enable/disable the bot. Otherwise, most of our activity is at the dev laptop.

If that’s not an option for you, and you only have the Classmate PC, then your answer is already posted above. Login as Developer, and startup the DriverStation software from the start menu.

You cannot run a robot program and enable the robot unless the Driver Station application is active. That’s not a problem. That’s how the system works.

We would like to run and debug the code from the front panel of Is it possible to do this? Your assistance on this matter is greatly appreciated.

Yes, it’s possible to do this. In fact, that’s the only way to run a robot program and have access to the vi front panels and probe the block diagrams. You just have to have the Driver Station program running at the same time.