How do you say your team number?

After spending yet another night watching videos of other teams I noticed something mildly interesting. There is a certain like, protocol for how to say certain team’s numbers. For example, certain team numbers that have 4 digits are often split by First 2 digit number / Second 2 digit number like Twelve Sixty-six. However if the 3rd digit of a team’s number is a 0, I noticed that they often will instead say “o” as in like “02”.

I also noticed with 3 digit team numbers they’re commonly said as One digit / One Digit / One digit like three six five; but i’ve also seen things like nine eighty seven. In certain occasions where the number ends in 2 0’s I’ve additionally seen one hundred.

How do you say your team’s number?

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I usually say: 11
Or I say it backwards: 11
Have not yet had need to refer to it as equals =.
Or double back whack \ or for that matter double front whack //.

We can put some spin on this if you like:


You should say “team 3” (binary, get it? :P)

We say
twelve ninety-six


What not too many people remember is that we used to be Team 8 way back at the start in 1997. Then the next year it was changed to 11 to eliminate some sort of conflict. So oddly:


I’d use % but I can’t easily get the reverse at the moment.

It’s a conspiracy :ahh:

nine, eight, seven





116: One-Sixteen, or rarely One-One-Six



forty-four sixty-six :slight_smile:

sometimes four-four-six-six (thank you to Lambots for that one LOL)

On our team’s name note, allow me to correct my earlier post:

We say 1 of 3 names:

twelve ninety-six

thirty-six squared

six to the fourth


Seventeen Forty-One

The Dactylic Dimeter makes it roll off the tongue. :smiley:

My typical enunciation matches what you described:

1519: Fifteen, Nineteen

For pretty much all 4-digit teams it’s just broken into the two 2-digit numbers… unless the tens-place digit is a 0:
1114: Eleven, Fourteen
2056: Twenty, Fifty-Six
1902: Nineteen, o, Two
1717: Seventeen, Seventeen
3467: Thirty-four, Sixty-seven
1310: Thirteen, ten

3 digit teams are pretty much always a 1-digit number than the 2-digit number… again except if the tens-place digit is a 0:
469: Four, Sixty-Nine
987: Nine, Eighty-Seven
610: Six, Ten
330: Three, Thirty
103: One, o, Three

2 or 1 digit teams are just however you’d say their number usually:
67: Sixty-seven
25: Twenty-five
1: One

It always sounds so strange hearing someone announce our number as “One thousand, Five-hundred Nineteen…” but that really only happens when you have a non-FIRSTer announcing team numbers for a match for some reason. FIRSTers usually go the four-syllable method rather than the tongue-tying 8-syllable route!


Old team: three oh four

Current: forty four fifty four

one eleven

Really? I always thought it’d be something like one one one.