How do you schedule events for FTC? And where do you find them?

Hi! Any information is great please! I am brand new to FTC and I am trying to see where I can see the events for FTC (if there is anything like basically).
Thank you!!


thank you so much!! also. love your username lmao works in similar fashion to and looks like it is updated for PowerPlay. It’s not perfect and definitely missing some features of TBA but it’s typically one of the first places I check for team and event info.

The FIRST official page for events is

Registration for events is handled through your local partner, and if they’re not posted there reach out to see what your partner is planning as it may just be because they’re working to secure venues or confirm team counts before moving forward.

thank you! this looks great and super useful.

hmm ok, gotcha. thanks so much!

This is the best piece of advice on this thread. FTC and FLL and pretty decentralized compared to FRC. You pay fees to FIRST, but your local program delivery partner handles your local event registration.

You can search for contact info for your PDP here: Find Local Support | FIRST

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