How do you see the talon versions on the Roborio?

When we connect to the Roborio we use the address: roborio-5132.local to get to the config site. Where are the talons, pdb and etc? I looked around, and saw online that there was a dropdown arrow on the CAN interface.

I remember looking at the talon versions at one point, but I forgot how to do this.

When you browse to the roboRIO WebDash the list of CAN devices should appear on the left of the window.

yeah, but that’s what I’m asking because I don’t see them. Its just the CAN interface and no dropdown arrow.

That might mean the CAN wiring is wrong or disconnected.
Does your PDP and/or PCM have red blinking lights on them?
They should also be listed under CAN on the left side of the WebDash.

Well we don’t use CAN, but before a few days ago I saw everything under there, but now I don’t.

Everyone will use CAN :slight_smile: at least for the PDP according to the rules, so you need to check the wiring.