How do you stream for drivers?

Wanted to hear some thoughts about in-game streaming for drivers.
We plan to use Photon-Vision and use the stream directly from the browser.

We have 2 cameras we would like to stream from (one for intake and one for the grid), But we are afraid that 2 parallel streams won’t get the best results with FMS bandwidth.

We started exploring the option of changing streams - but that caused a few seconds of delay just waiting for the stream to start running.
Any ideas? What is your’s team approach?

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Our team leans toward using Shuffleboard’s CameraServer widget (and then praying that they connect and stay connected). The quality is generally lower, but still human-usable. I consider it a reasonable tradeoff for having 2+ steams at once. It’s worth noting that my team had 3 different streams last year, and they worked fine (connection issues unrelated to bandwidth notwithstanding).

If you really want to use PhotonVision’s dashboard stream, you might pick which stream you think is more important and stream that one through PhotonVision, then have the other stream set up in your dashboard of choice, keeping both windows open in whatever way you find most convenient.


Our team invested in a second smaller monitor and used Shuffleboard’s CameraServer widget. we used both LimeLight’s Camera as well as a micro USB Camera


Last season we ran gstreamer on a NVIDIA Jetson TX1, mixing 3-4 camera feeds into one stream, and it worked quite well in testing. However, we couldn’t verify its performance on the field due to network configuration issues.

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