How do you test AUtonomous

I tried building a dongle for auton mode…
i simply put pwm01=50; inside the auton loop… it will not execute … can you tell me which pins are to switch on auton mode…(double checking) when i use my current dongle i get a pale disabled light so i think auton mode is on but why isn’t this simple code executing…? …

To tell you the truth, our team has had some trouble getting our dongle to work, too. However, we’ve bypassed that problem using this method:

  • tether the RC to the OI, then, using the pin-switches on the OI, set the team number to 0000 (all pins not depressed)

  • having done that, release the tether connection. The RC is now set to 0000, which will trigger the autonomous mode. If the code you’ve written is correct, it should run as soon as you turn the robot on.

  • To get out of the autonomous mode, simply re-tether the RC to the OI and set the OI to your team number again. The robot can now be controlled via the joysticks.

Hope this helps!


I just hardcode in autonomous mode as true, then just reburn the EEPROM after we’re done testing to restore back to competition-state.

Dirty, but quick and easy.

I just built a switch that hooks into the competition port. I forgot what the pins were, but they are in the manual. We have a 3 position switch for Disable, normal, and Autonomous.

We did the same thing with ours. The pins, in case you’re ultimately curious, are simple. Pin 8, just like a lot 16-pin TTL ICs, goes to ground. Pin 5 is autonomous, pin 6 is disable, and pin 12 is practice mode.

Essentially, we took a 15-pin gameport connector and soldered some leads to it that eventually ran to a prototyping board with toggle switches hooked up to each lead and ground. That is, we wired each switch such that it would short one of the respective autonomous, disable, or practice mode pins to ground.

If anyone, for whatever reason, wants photos, ask. I found the diagram while searching for “operator interface competition port” here at ChiefDelphi.

That’s what I did too. We had a gameport wired up last year to do the same thing, but the pins changed this year so I just changed the pins around to work again. I’m curious, what does the Practice mode do? I haven’t read anything about pin 12 being for something.

Why dont you just add a joystick command for auton? Its really simple and works just fine…no wiring needed.