How do -you- think?

I guess it’s a silly question, but I was wondering how everyone else thinks. I don’t mean how the brain functions and such, but how do *you * organize/form/process your thoughts? For example, I mentally “talk” to myself. (Example: …I don’t think this is a good idea. “Why?” Because you might get laughed at. “Oh…”)

I was thinking about psychosis and insanity and wondered if I was any of those. That led me to wonder whether my thought process was similar to others’. I asked an engineer my question once and he said he mentally asks himself questions. How do you all do it?

(Erm…I apologize if this is a weak thread. Forgive me, I’m a newbie.)

I pit myself in a debate against myself all the time. It’s how I work–guess I’m just verbal like that. Nothing ever seems to escape my mind into the real world as I planned, though…this is the problem with not being an artist, master of inventor, songwriter, or much of a singer at that.

I do too!
*Do not! *
Yes we do.
You do, but I don’t.
Whatever - (sigh).

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I’m Schizophrenic
and so am I :ahh:

I’m actually a Dyslexic Paranoid…I have a fear that I’m following someone :eek:

Wayne Doenges

p.s. I meant no offence in what I said, so please no flaming…PLEASE :slight_smile:

I really switch around a lot, totally depends on the situation. I do a lot of self-talking. Writing things down usually helps, but really if I"m in class, I visualize things. Draw them. Act them out. It can get really interesting in Math class when I go at it like that.

Woah. Deep.

A lot of my thinking is weighing stuff out, saying it in my mind to make sure it sounds right to my logic and feelings, and kind of running through dozens of scenarios.

Sometimes I also write stuff down to help me remember to do something, or my idea. However, I often lack paper, or am to lazy to find paper, so the back of my left hand is, well, rather blue. It’s my PDA. :smiley:

What is fun is when I forget to do all the above (happens when I am sleep deprived - which is most of the time). Things get randomnly said, and I have no idea why I am saying them. It’s fun.

~ Jill

I actually just kind of debate in my mind. I had to do a lot of that this weekend. On whether or not I should do my homework. :ahh: Yerp…it sucked.
But anyways, I do a lot of mind debating and I sometimes just think very thoroughly about something, weigh out pros and cons, that deal. But on occasion, I tend to not think at all and just do something. Sometimes, with me, that’s a bad idea. :ahh:

Picture a lot of gears moving very fast, in every direction possible, with an occasional spring or cog flying off into oblivion… The way I think is very fast, but it fills with tangents and other possibilities which lead me astray, and often others if I am in a discussion with them… the good thing is that I usually do circle back to the original thought.


I think about what I do - but not about their consequences. It works most of the time (it allows me to think on my feet) but it has back-fired a few times…:smiley:

All-n-all I just do what ever is on my mind at the spur of the moment…

Instead of debating myself, I just keep filpping a coin till it comes up the way I want.

So, two more examples of why anyone who asks an engineer for psychological advice needs to have their head examined!

every possible way… clock wise and counterclockwise? :stuck_out_tongue:
me… uhh what does “think” mean? :confused: i mean i just do whatever i feel like. even if i say i dont feel like doing this, i really mean i dont feel like doing this, but im doing this because i feel like doing this more than i dont feel like doing this. confused? so am i. for example. i dont feel like doing hw. but of course, i do… (well, sorry bad example, but assume i do do my hw all the time) so if i really didnt feel like doing hw, i wouldnt, but since i do, i do it.
ok ill shut up now.

I have not put enough thought into this yet (telling isn’t it?) to say how I think, but I do have a slight tangent question.

For those of us who are multilingual, and for whom English is not the primary language, do you ‘think in’ your native tongue? Does anyone understand what I mean?

I bring it up, because I recently watched a very bad Clint Eastwood movie that involves a plane that can only be flown by someone who thinks ‘in Russian’. I also once read a book called ‘Babel 17’, which concerns the use of a language so advanced that it is considered a weapon. Excellent book.

So. Anyone?

-Andy A.

mmmm well yea sometimes. like when im in a japanese conversation my mind works in japanese and when im in an english conversation my mind works in english and when im thinkin to myself i have no clue what im visioning :stuck_out_tongue:

My native language is Vietnamese, but I think in English. Once, I tried thinking in Vietnamese all day and I kept unwittingly switching back. It’s odd because I remember when I was small, I didn’t think in English (or this way for that matter). Back in Kinder or so, everything just was. My thoughts were just there, unspoken.

I’m actually a Dyslexic Paranoid…I have a fear that I’m following someone

A symptom of schizophrenia is delusions; my delusion: I’m schizophrenic. I guess…you’re not alone? (Sorry if my post isn’t coherent; I’ve been strung out on doing homework for the last 2 days. And erm, should be doing homework right now…but… ^.^;; ) Anywho, I’m glad to hear how I think isn’t too odd or different. (I’m also glad that you all didn’t yell and ridicule, unlike most forums I’ve been to.)

What is this “Thinking” thing of whichyou speak? This is not a familiar concept to me (just ask my sister!). :slight_smile:


I don’t speak two languages, but I learned to count in binary, and now when people hold up five fingers I often think “31” before I think “5.”

well for me, it’s like verbal sparring. lol.

it’s like i keep undermining my last decision. u know, this might not work b/c of… or ooooo i think i win!

usually it helps me make good decisions, the bad thing is when u’re intensely thinking or computing something in ur mind, u might say it out loud. That’s when heads turn n ppl think u’re insane :smiley:

If I am writing an essay … I talk to myself … but itll be like I write something then I will write wut I think of what I wrote right after in capitals. It’s kind of hard to explain … but it looks something like this (ps- this isnt really an essay that i wrote)

In grade 11 I started volunteering at the hospital. I COULD HAVE WRITTEN THAT SENTENCE IN GRADE 2 … YOU KNOW MORE WORDS THAN THAT …

im really sarcastic when i do it … but i find it works …

as for math and physics problems … i break the questions down into pieces …

Re: How do -you- think?

Huh? What was the question again? :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here. :slight_smile: I don’t think I could put it any better.