How Do You Treat New Members/Freshmen?

I got a question for you, being a senior and having about a month of school left I think I can say this w/o someone getting the mofia on me, hear it goes

How are your new members/freshmen treated, I can say personally that if they anoy me I threaten to eat them ( I am a big person they take it seriously) what do you do just wondering

When I was a new member I was hit by our robot’s(2000) arm

Let me know your stories

if i get annoyed, i threaten that i will take some body parts and use them on the robot. a ciberneticx robot has tro wwin soimething. go seniors.:cool:

I definitely try not to let our freshies talk. I make them run errands too. This one time in Florida, i was thirsty, so i made a freshie run to the place where the sodas were and fill the cup… so he went… filled it… and came back… then i drank it, and it was goooood. They carry stuff and do the jobs no one else wants to. Its all fun and games… well… as long as i don’t have to do the “freshie jobs…” haha… One time, i was talkin to another team, and their freshies were there. And they were sayin something. I was like… “Feel lucky man, we don’t even let out freshies talk…” It was amusing…

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Just remember there was a time when you guys were freshmen too and you’ll be freshmen again when you go to college and you’ll be a rookie when you join the workforce. Personally life is too short and too stressful to be wasting on looking down on or be looked down on because of your seniority.
It’s just lame.


Well, if they’re smart and can contribute, we allow them limited speaking priviledges:D Most of them, unfortunatly, are recruited from…well, with without going into tooo much background, I’ll say they are from a “limited” talent pool. The kids that just goof off, we get them to either run errands, like Quain does, or we let them to things like filing own rough edges, and putting in bolts: stuff that does’nt require oo-tay uch-may rains-bay.:smiley:

Overall, they just don’t have the mental horsepower and/or experiance to do anything very meaningful. Of course there are exceptions (i was one! CD’s Driving Tommorow’s Technology, J&J, 2001, hoo-yah:rolleyes: )

I’m not rude or evil too them, but most need a year to get a feel for how things work. No one plays with Mindstorms here:( , which translates to mechanical cluelessness (righty tighty, lefty loosy:p )

Personally, I’m quite nice to them, but some test even my patience, which is really saying something.:wink:


I was one of the new kids on the team this year, and a fresh. :frowning: It started out pretty bad, but I think it ended pretty well.

A note to anyone who will be joining a team sometime soon:

  1. Do not do errands for anyone, unless it is a coach (an adult, not some senior who thinks…you can finish the sentence in your own way) or someone and there is good cause.

  2. Ignore comments. (I did!! It seemed to work)

  3. Find something your good at, focus your time on that, you may have a better time.

  4. Remember, it is only 6 weeks. By the time the next season comes around, you’ll be a sophomore (and now get the chance to terrorize us “stupid fresh”).

Just my two cents!!

i treat them just like they are freshman.:smiley: thats the one good thing about being a senior.

Everyone on my team this year was a freshman - well, in terms of expirience atleast.

I remember a while back I read a post about how one freshman on some team was getting annoying, so the team member dragged him in to the back and ducktaped him so he was hanging on a pole =D I sometimes feel like doing that.

We always have a huge team to start the year, but by the time January comes around we lose 2/3 of the newbies…

If the newbies can make it to January they deserve some credit…

This year had some really strong freshmen…i hope next years are just as good…

We normally have no freshman at all. The reason is all our students go to a governer’s school (or a votech school in the same building) that is normally only for juniors or seniors. Well, last year I was one of only a few freshman at the school and the only one on the team. I was treated just like anyone else really, but then I probably worked more than most of the people on the team. I was a programmer, and already knew a lot of stuff, so it wasn’t like I was stupid and didn’t know what to do, plus I was very enthusiastic and learned most of the stuff on my own. I agree with Ben in that some people are mechanically/electrically clueless when they start. The people that really annoy me, though, are the people that have no drive to learn anything, and those aren’t only the freshman!


As a teacher my motto has long been “a day without seniors is like a day without a sharp stick in the eye.” And "the only thing bad about freshmen is that it takes so many of them to make a meal. "

Just kidding. Mostly. I am looking forward to the seniors graduating though. They finish before the rest of the school.

I can come up with similar comments for sophomores and juniors if I try. There are pros and cons to all grades.

We had freshmen in key positions of the team this year. They made up half of our pit crew for example. I have given orders that every important sub team must have at least one freshmen next year. The team all agrees that training freshmen is important for making sure the team improves year after year.

The mentors on our team decided we actually had a real team when it got to the point where noone seemed to be aware of what grade a kids was in. They just cared about what they did for the team.

We even let one of them drive our robot during the competitions.

GASP! What a horrible fate!

Paul (aka Paco) did a great job as Xtremachen 5’s robot pilot this year. He didn’t cause too much damage to our robot, other robots, or the field, and he didn’t get anyone (including himself) killed. Based upon this assessment, we have decided to let him live and come back for another year of “torture”. Time will tell if he gets another chance to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting FIRST masses next season.

Be nice to the freshmen - you were all one once. They may be annoying at times :-P, but they are the future of your team.

*Originally posted by T. Hoffman *
**Be nice to the freshmen - you were all one once. They may be annoying at times :stuck_out_tongue: **

You’re right, i once WAS a freshman… and they treated me a lot worse than i treat the freshies now… i consider myself nice… i generally treat everyone the same… till they act dumb… o well… i’ll be a freshman next year again, and i expect to take a lot of crap… its all part of growing up… its makes you a stronger person… :smiley:

refeering back to T. Hoffmans reply… i am that freshman. this year was great. i didnt get the usual freshman beatdown too badly. i did survive with a few bruises… i think i can recall one of the senoirs administering this ‘initiation’ saying,“we’ll teach you to drive with your feet!”

i personaly think my freshamn year (this year)was the best. i personally had quite alot of fun at the parties… especially canada. and our team didnt do too bad either… we placed seventh in cleveland, second in toronto, and fourth in the curie division at nats.

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I’m a freshie.

I didn’t really get bad treatment from anyone else… sure, they kind of ignored us for a while, but now they love us. So it’s all good. :smiley:

*Originally posted by IsabelRinging *
**I’m a freshie.

I didn’t really get bad treatment from anyone else… sure, they kind of ignored us for a while, but now they love us. So it’s all good. :smiley: **

we love u? who ever said that?? j/k you guys aren’t too bad…better than the freshies we had last year (the whole 2 of 'em)…there are just SO many freshies this year that we kinda had to except you for fear of you all revolting and taking over the team…lol…but…yea…we’re usually really cool to freshies b/c we usually have cool freshies

Normally we are nice to our freshmen, other than a few jokes about stuff here and there…

We also had quite a few freshmen this year and if they ever all showed up at once us upperclass men would have to flee the state in fear of a revolt…lol

After an anointment of cows blood and fat, we are then taken away to the final immunity challenge, where each newbie must stand on one foot, hop, balance a glass of milk on their head and on their raised foot, sing I am a little tea pot in spanish, backwards, outside, in the rain, and doding a wild bull. After we win immunity, we take a shower, then help build the robot.

Incase your wondering, I’m joking, excluding the last part about the robot.

*Originally posted by IsabelRinging *
**I’m a freshie.

I didn’t really get bad treatment from anyone else… sure, they kind of ignored us for a while, but now they love us. So it’s all good. :smiley: **

Well… hot freshies always get special treatment…

*Originally posted by Quain *

Well… hot freshies always get special treatment… **

LOL :smiley:
Very true…