How do you win with defense?

Self explanatory. I see a lot of discussion about the impact of defense on this year and I’m honestly not seeing it.


1 pretty easy example I can think of would be if there’s an opponent with an elevator going for the rocket. Since there is no protected zone you could hit them when they go up and they would become misaligned or possibly tip over.


Viable if zoning a rocket out is done correctly and you are ahead, intentionally tipping is a G19, and done incorrectly fouls can be worth the same as cargo except you only have finite cargo and infinite fouls.

Short answer. You don’t. This game is stacked so much against defense that defense can only prevent another team from getting extra RP. Defense will not help you win. This year defense is a losing battle.


Since most teams won’t build a robot that will be suited for defense, if one team truly dedicates to it there is some options. One is to steal cargo, its easy and out in the open. Also you can choke an opponent if you steal enough. Second is to block a rocket ship, with the right timing and distance you would deny a ranking point. Third is to just push around the best robot of the opponent side. It is possible but not likely a team would do these.

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Keeping teams from getting RP is a win in my book Paul.


If a single robot can interrupt the flow of 2 other robots, then defense is viable. That seems situational at best, and likely isn’t worth designing a robot around.


i dont think many are going to design with defense solely in mind. A low bot that can score hatches around the field and do some D also imo will be a pretty good bot depending on the event.


stealing cargo is not viable at all. You would have to have a way to intake it while staying within your frame perimeter which would mean that you’re sacrificing your normal intaking capabilities so that you can steal cargo.

The defense can disrupt cargo securing on cargo ship on one side, not much tolerance slop allowed for hatch placement to secure the score. It can also help prevent loading station flow and higher rocket placement.

Reminds me of a year when soccer balls were involved… :thinking: oh dear god what thinking emoji is this

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I think that defense is very viable if you have a bad robot on your alliance. It can block a robot from getting a hatch/cargo from the human player station by sitting right next to it as that is a tight area. Alternatively it could push all the balls over to your side and then go and block the human player station, forcing all the robots to use one.

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during the sandstorm you could take the other alliances hatch

I believe you can’t cross the cargo ship during sandstorm

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The human player station is completely contained within the HAB ZONE, and so parking directly in that area would generate a foul when a robot came to retrieve a game piece. (G13, also see blue box under G7)

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G3. Page 47,
“No defense. During the SANDSTORM PERIOD, a ROBOT may not cross the FIELD such that its
BUMPERS break the plane defined by their opponent’s CARGO SHIP LINE.”

So no, you cannot cross the cargo ship during sandstorm.

The problem with cargo theft is that if you touch a bot in the hab zone, thats a foul.

I don’t expect a lot of D in week 1-5 quals. When alliances are capable of filling all twenty cargo bays, the ability to disrupt the other alliance may be the key to victory. As already noted, stealing game pieces is problematic because you need to stay inside the frame perimeter on the other side of the field, and the sources of game pieces are in the protected hab zone. To date, I’ve never overestimated the impact of defense.


Are you suggesting that 3310 or your alliances partners will never play defense other than to preventing opponent from getting RP?

I agree that I wouldn’t design a robot around defense but matches will certainly be decided on defense.

Come to CHS. There will be a lot of D.