How do you win with defense?


I’ve never heard it called the “Groetszky Model” before, but it’s based on his famous quote:


Hey guys thanks for participating in the thread but I feel like it is no longer funny.
The correct answer is “by pushing people across the mid line.”
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If you what a pure example of how to win with a defensive strategy look at alliance 7 at the Durham College district event in Ontario and see how they played it.


I suggest you play defense in a way that does not make lots of folks happy to see your robot in this predicament at the end of a match.


Look at any match with 6443 (AEMBOT) In it. Their geared down NEO drivetrain on defense and consistent level 3 Hab climb have led them to seed highly in both their events

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I saw a robot interrupt the flow of 2-3 robots at a time.


Watch the Orlando playoffs if you want to know how to win with defense.

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Feel free to check us out in playoffs at FLR


Our team when we play defense has been shutting down the the top robots at our event. In the playoffs when we played defense we have been shutting the best reboot down on the opposing alliance from scoring while occurring no penalties. We have won matches becuase of our defense.


I would advise watching our run through elims. My strategy was to isolate the top scoring robot for most, if not the entire match. I’d say my best example of this was finals 3, where 461 was only able to place a single cargo in teleop. The two main points of this strategy is trap them on the far side of the rocket ship by placing your bot between the cargo ship and the rocket, making them unable to go back for more game pieces. The other is when they get past you, move to the area between their hab zone and the front of the rocket. This shuts down the lane to the other side of the field, and makes the only open path towards the near rocket ship and that side of the cargo ship. At that point, rotate back in front of the rocket/cargo ship to put yourself between them and the scoring area. Alternately, you can let them go past you in order to trap them on the far side again.


How to win with defense? Easy. Only 1 robot can play defense on your alliance, so just have two good robots (can each solo a rocket) on the rockets, and the opponent defense bot should only be able to stop one of those good robots. Your 2nd pick can just play defense on the opponent alliance.


That expectation didn’t work out so well, did it? There’s more defense than I expected in quals, though (as I did expect) even more in eliminations.


Watch alliance # 3 or alliance # 5 matches from Tippecanoe this weekend. There was a lot of defense played in the elimination rounds - people won’t be able to say that Indiana doesn’t play defense anymore.


No match video up yet, but watch 1817 in elimination matches at FIT Del Rio. Was 4th seeded captain and went all the way to the finals without scoring a single cargo game piece.