How do you wire a VEX motor to a 12 V battery?

Morning, everyone! Hope the robots are almost all done!

How do you wire a VEX motor to a 12 V battery? A Vex motor takes only 7.2 volts. Would you have to use a Circuit Breaker on the PD Board with it? A Jaguar or Spike Relay?


You would use a Spike or a Jaguar or a Victor or a VEX Speed Controller (the small one that came in the KOP).

If you use a Spike, it will get full battery voltage…which may or may not be a problem, depending on how you load the motor (what the shaft is connected to)

Normal operation would be to connect the 2-wire motor to the Vex controller.
The Vex controller connects to a PWM output on the Digital Sidecar.
A jumper by the PWM output feeds it 6v.

You command it in code just as you would a Victor speed controller.

How do you wire a VEX Speed controller? Do you need an additional Jaguar or Spike Relay for that?What type circuit breaker would you have to use - 40, 30, or 20 amp?

I’m not planning on using a Spike Relay - I don’t want more than 7.2 volts on the motor.

As Mark and squirrel said, the 2 wire VEX motor plugs into the 2 wire side of the VEX motor controller. The 3 wire side then gets plugged into a standard 3 wire spot on your digital sidecar.