How do you wire the DC/DC converter?

We are working with our extra robot for something to do in our down time. We have blown 2 D-Link bridges when powering on our robot.

We are going from the 12V port on the power distribution blue thing, to the dc/dc converter, then from the dc/dc converter to the bridge. As the negative cable on the d-link cable that we cut, we are using the wire with the dashes on it, which i assume was the negative cable. What are we doing wrong? Thanks.

Probably what you are doing wrong is assuming that the dashes means negative.

Look at the label on the bridge, does it have a little drawing of the power connection and + and - labels?

Regardless of whether you think you have done the correct wiring, prudence demands that you get a meter and check that the polarity and voltage at the connector matches the bridge before you plug it in. It is very easy to use a meter to check continuity to the inner and outer terminals of the plug.

This]( is from page 30 of Getting Started with the 2012 FRC Control System.

As you can see, the center pin (green arrow) is positive and the shield (red arrow) is negative. Use a cheap ohmmeter to figure out which wire is negative.


My experience has been that the wire with the dashes is center-pin/positive. TEST FIRST! Your mileage may vary.