How do your teams recognize your sponsors?

what do you do for your sponsors to show gratitude for their donations? how do you differentiate your larger sponsors from your smaller ones?

There are various things that Team 1713 does. Verizon, our largest sponsor, has had its logo incorporated into ours. All sponsor names appear on the website and on the robot. We hold a ceremony in June to honor all of our sponsors. Large sponsors receive a large plaque; smaller sponsors receive a certificate of appreciation. Finally, two of our larger sponsors have been honored by having our robots named after them.

The fact of the matter is, all donations are out of generosity, and it’s not really right to call some sponsors more important than others, even if their donations have been larger.

We held a Sponsor Appreciation Night just last week, inviting every sponsor to get some food, see (and drive) the robot, and talk to the team. About 30 minutes of speeches (including testimony from students on how FIRST has impacted them), very nice glass plaques (more like trophies) for the larger contributors, and a lot of nice displays.

That is in addition to being on the team shirts, on the robot, etc.

One thing the sponsors appreciate is the correct usage of their logo. We ask, and also have them approve it, no matter where we put it. It shows that we respect their property.


I guess this isn’t really recognizing sponsors, but every Friday during build (and of course after competitions), we send updates on the progress of the robot, animation, and t-shirts/trinkets/awards and stuff. =]

I heard that Boeing wants to sponser our school, What all does that mean? Does it just mean more money, or also access to mentors?

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Logos on the 'bot and tshirts, for one of our sponsors (MV Transportation) we have hats with the MV logo on them.

Our team leader wants to get all the sponsor logos waterjetted into this year’s 'bot’s chassis… :eek: I think it’d be cool too but I’d worry about rigidity (wait a tic… we removed 90% of the material from one of last year’s supports and it was barely affected… I could still stand on it).

  1. Sponsors’ names on the back of our T-shirt.
  2. Sponsors’ names and pictures on our robotics external “shell”.
    Robot Picture – Big Picture (2.7mbish/0
  3. Sponsors’ names and pictures on our webpage.
  4. Sponsors’ names and pictures on our pit.
    Pit – Big Picture (4.6mbish)
  5. Sponsor Night: Show off our Robot(s) and explain our team.
  6. Display sponsor names and pictures in our Vex League.
  7. Send them updates.
  8. Include them on our newspaper articles.
  9. After explaining our team, we list out our sponsors.
    IdK about the rest.

put them in sigs, on websites, posters, talk about them a lot, other stuff too

In our team, we do various things as well, from what i have seen, we have our sponsers on our website, we allow them to come visit anytime the feel like it, we
show our sponsers in our pit area during competition, our mentors are from there. And we do other things as well

lol my sponsor is in Arizona, and me in Ontario :D:ahh:

For 1089, we do the following:

Every sponsor that donates a few hundred dollars gets a spot on our website, our robot, our newsletter, any press announcements, our team t-shirts & polos and at all our community events. The 3 most-influential sponsors for our program get bigger logos, and they scale down until we get to our smallest sponsor. Now, this dosen’t just mean money - we have sponsors that donate a LOT of time, and they have big names.

In 2005, our team created a banner for our major corporate sponsor, Bristol-Myers Squibb. But, we didn’t just make it about our team and them, we included the 6 other teams that BMS helps fund. We gave one to every BMS team, one to our sponsor, and printed up a large one to hang in the stands area of the arena.

We also invite our major sponsors to be our event VIPs, giving them access to the VIP area of the NJ Regional, and a chance to talk to us about our team and our robot in our pits.

Our sponsors also tend to make a presentation of our check either in front of our Board of Education or just at a team meeting. This year we took a photo with a subsitute teacher who found us $750 from our local VFW. It’s simply our advisor getting the check from her, and the entire team in the background. Likewise, when our BMS representative gives us that large cardboard check, we always have students and mentors on hand for photographs.

Team 1757 takes our two mentors out to dinner, if they’re both available.

Team 1757 has no sponsors.