How does a limelight snapshot work?

Hey, I’m using networktables lib for our limelight, and I’m not sure what the snapshot option does. As in, does it just take a snapshot and store it somewhere, does it take the snapshot with all the data from the target kept, or does it just take a picture of whatever it is seeing. Another thing is, what does reset snapshot mode exactly do? Does the limelight freeze its recording after taking a snapshot? Lastly, is it possible to access snapshot data from code assuming that the limelight keeps target info in the snapshot. Like can we save the snapshot to a variable and access different target metrics from that variable (similar to phontonvision’s getLatestResult method)?

There’s some info in limelight docs. Software Change Log — Limelight 1.0 documentation

Snapshots let you take a picture of what the camera is seeing during a match, which you can use to tune your pipeline better. They are stored on the camera, you can’t access them from code. You might want to take a look at the brand new LimelightLib (Introducing Limelight Lib) for an equivalent to the getLatestResult method.

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