How does FLL work at Atlanta?

Our FLL team just earned their invitation to Atlanta at the Baltimore MD regional yesterday… so now I’m trying to get up to speed on what happens at “Nationals”.

Our FRC team attended Nationals last year but it was so crazy I didn’t get to see ANY FLL except what was up on the big screen during FRC matches :slight_smile:

I heard talk of FLL “Alliances” but had no idea if this was true or not.

Also, do they do all the same “presentations” as at regionals, or is it just the table competition?

Enquiring minds want to know.


Hi Jenny.

Saw you running around at UMBC yesterday. I was so proud to see Chuck get the Mentor award… Made me tear-up :slight_smile:

Anyway… OK, so I have all the “Official” information about the Atalanta competition now… Thnaks for that link.

What about some touchy-feely stuff.

I see that there is a day of normal competition, and an hour of Alliance activities. I’m sure it’s different this year, but what was the alliance activity last year?

I know the Ocean Odysey field layout well… so, how did teams work together on an alliance? Anyone care to describe it…


I’m working on it. Personal/family issues have taken a higher priority right now.

From what i remember there was the entire FLL group where einstein is during the first 2 days. They have their matches and presentations and everything overthere while we are doing our thing on the sides. It was interesting watching them and seeing all of the variety of students.

:cool: Atlanta is a lot of fun and a great chance to meet many new people.